2023 Annual Report Now Available

The P4G achieved a number of milestones in 2023; please download our 2023 Annual Report to learn more and see what’s upcoming in 2024!

Who is the P4G? 

The Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) includes political and administrative representation from the partnering municipalities of:

The P4G was formed to bring a collaborative and coordinated approach to intermunicipal growth including land use, population, transportation, utilities, services and finances. The first tangible step in this direction was the endorsement of the P4G regional plan by the partner municipalities in 2017.

To formalize and implement this new regional framework, the partners worked towards establishing a new P4G Planning District, which replaced the former Corman Park – Saskatoon Planning District which was disbanded in December 2021.

The P4G Planning District received provincial ministerial approval to be established on January 1, 2022.

Why a new P4G Planning District? A Plan for the Region

The latest projections show the P4G region nearing a population of 500,000 in the next 20 years. Given the economic climate, we anticipate our region could achieve a population of 1 million in the next 60 years. We want our region to be ready for growth, to enable economic prosperity for everyone, and support the quality of life that we enjoy.

This has reinforced the need for a more coordinated approach to regional planning and servicing which is why the P4G utilizes a number of committees to help implement our regional vision and principles.

The P4G Planning District Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw establish a coordinated approach to development of the region.

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Press Releases and Media

2022 Saskatchewan Municipal Award – SUMA Award Ceremony

May 8, 2024

Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance Award

2022 SK Municipal Award Video – P4G Partnership

June 5, 2023

Media Release – 2022 SK Municipal Award Winner

Project Update

P4G Market Study

The P4G is undertaking a regional market study from May 2023-2024. The regional market will include phased recommendations recognizing the long term growth projections for the P4G. Some of the other information will include:

  • A trends analysis to assess what the most likely employment needs are for the region (i.e. agriculture, mining, technology sectors);
  • Confirmation that previously established P4G employment projections are still accurate (i.e. 21 jobs/ha);
  • Estimating the amount and type of regional retail, highway commercial and industrial development necessary to respond to projected population growth; and
  • Providing a summary of best practices and policies to help guide regional growth (i.e. what needs to be included in a future site specific market studies, or how to co-locate commercial and industrial development near highways or rail lines to move goods).

For more information please contact us.

Upcoming Events

P4G District Planning Commission Meetings 

The P4G District Planning Commission (DPC) meets on a monthly basis to hear recommendations on development applications and receive updates on regional projects.

Agendas and Minutes for past and upcoming P4G DPC meetings can be found in the Agenda Centre on the Corman Park website.


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