The role of the P4G District Planning Commission Administrative Working Group (DPCA) is to discuss the active planning files and applications that are under review by the Corman Park planning department within the P4G Planning District. These meetings are coordinated by the DPC Secretary to ensure intermunicipal agenda and file management prior to the monthly DPC meetings.

DPCA members are supported by their respective P4G Planning and Administration Committee (PAC) members, and on more significant regional development files, PAC may provide additional support and guidance to DPCA as needed.

The DPCA is not an approving authority or decision-making body like a municipal Council, any recommendations must first go to the P4G District Planning Commission, as required. The DPCA is an administrative working group.

Who is the DPCA?

The PAC is comprised of at multiple planning staff from each partnering P4G municipality. The DPCA is chaired by the DPC Secretary, who is a member of the Corman Park planning department.

When are DPCA meetings?

Typically, the DPCA meetings are held monthly. The meetings are not open to the public as they are administrative working meetings. If you have questions about the DPCA please contact us.