In 2017, the municipalities of Corman Park, Saskatoon, Martensville, Warman, and Osler came together under the Partnership for Growth (P4G) banner to create a P4G Regional Plan and an integrated planning district to replace the current Corman Park-Saskatoon planning district. By working in partnership on land use, development, and infrastructure, the P4G municipalities are striving to ensure a proactive and coordinated approach to future growth.

We continue to move forward in building the P4G planning district with the development of a draft District Official Community Plan (DOCP). The DOCP is essentially a more detailed version of the Regional Plan. The DOCP will replace the Regional Plan as it becomes the official planning bylaw for the P4G area.

The following resources will give you a better understanding of what the DOCP contains. 

  1. Click here for a summary of differences between the P4G Regional Plan and the draft DOCP. 
  2. Click here to view the maps that will be part of the DOCP, including a District Land Use map. 
  3. Click here to review draft content included in each section of the DOCP. 
  4. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the DOCP. 

If you have questions not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions or would like more clarification on the policies in the draft DOCP, please contact Neal SarneckiDirector, Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth, at or 306-222-9420.

Next steps in building the P4G Planning District 

The Planning and Administration Committee is currently reviewing the feedback provided in the formal consultation program held from June 25, 2020 to July 10, 2020. The committee will assess the need for revisions to the draft and make recommendations to the P4G Regional Oversight Committee.  A joint public hearing of the P4G municipal councils is proposed to be held by the end of September 2020 on the final draft plan. Approvals from all five municipal councils and the provincial government are required to finalize the DOCP and establish the P4G planning district. Once a date in September has been confirmed for the public hearing, we will publicize it through local media and

District Zoning Bylaw

Later this summer, we will host another engagement and consultation program to get feedback on a draft P4G District Zoning Bylaw. The draft District Zoning Bylaw will include detailed land use regulations, zoning districts, and development standards for properties in the P4G planning district. Information will be posted at with details on how you can participate; please stay tuned for details.