The draft DOCP was prepared to address future land use development and servicing within the P4G planning district and to provide a coordinated approach among all P4G municipalities. The draft DOCP is divided into six parts: 

  • Partnership for Growth 
  • General policies 
  • Land use 
  • Servicing 
  • Implementation 
  • Definitions 

Click on the highlighted text below to view the draft content for each Part.

Partnership for Growth provides the statement of intent for the DOCP and outlines the vision, principles, and strategic directions. The following P4G vision is included in this section of the DOCP: 

The vision for the future of the P4G municipalities is for a vibrant, prosperous and internationally competitive region. The municipalities are known for a high quality of life, a thriving and diverse economy, healthy and connected ecosystems and efficient infrastructure supporting sustainable growth and development. 

The P4G municipalities provide a rich range of opportunities and lifestyle choices for residents and newcomers. The aesthetic beauty and ecological values of the South Saskatchewan River and prairie landscapes are key components of the quality of life in the region. The P4G municipalities work in partnership on issues of common interest through integrated, coordinated efforts that support success while respecting the individual aspirations of all partners. 

General policies outlines policies in the following areas: 

  • Economic development 
  • Indigenous inclusion 
  • Natural and heritage resources 
  • Natural hazards 
  • Water resources and wetlands 
  • Mineral and aggregate resources 

Land use outlines major land use and development policies to guide the P4G planning district’s growth to 1 million residents, and that align with the following land use designations: 

  • Agriculture 
  • Country Residential 
  • Rural Commercial/Industrial 
  • Urban Residential Neighbourhood 
  • Urban Commercial/Industrial 
  • Green Network Study Area 

This section of the DOCP also speaks to several location-specific policies, including: 

  • Wanuskewin Heritage Park 
  • Agricultural Research  
  • Regional Infrastructure 
  • Regional Institutional Facilities 
  • Corman Park-Osler Agri-Food Node 
  • Regional Retail 
  • Urban Mixed-Use Nodes 

Servicing contains high-level policies for the construction and management of infrastructure and delivery of services throughout the P4G planning district. More regional services and infrastructure content is anticipated to be added as the P4G municipalities complete regional servicing studies. 

Specific policies in this draft section of the DOCP address: 

  • Potable water 
  • Wastewater 
  • Stormwater and drainage systems 
  • Transportation 
  • Infrastructure corridors 
  • Servicing agreements between municipalities 
  • Development levies and servicing agreement fees 

Implementation outlines processes for administering the DOCP and includes: 

  • Requirements for the P4G municipalities’ official community plans to align with the DOCP where relevant. 
  • Considerations for updating and amending the DOCP. 
  • Provisions for public engagement. 
  • Guidelines for secondary plans such as Concept Plans, which examine land use and servicing of an area in more detail. 
  • Objectives of the District Zoning Bylaw. 

Definitions defines the terms used in the DOCP. These will be finalized when the District Zoning Bylaw and its related definitions are completed. 

  • Later this summer, we will host a virtual engagement focusing on the draft District Zoning Bylaw for the P4G planning district. Stay tuned to for details on how you can participate.