What is a District Zoning Bylaw?

The District Zoning Bylaw regulates the use and development of land and buildings within the P4G Planning District. It sets out what uses can go where (eg. residential, commercial, industrial uses) and sets out standards for development including building setbacks, height, lot sizes, servicing, parking, landscaping, fences, building in a flood plain and more.

Why do we need a District Zoning Bylaw?

Provincial planning legislation requires a Planning District to have a Zoning Bylaw. The District Zoning Bylaw is a legal tool for managing land use and development within the P4G Planning District. As a result, development, growth and quality of life for members of the District are promoted.

What is a permitted use versus a discretionary use?

A permitted use is a use of land, buildings, or other structures that shall be permitted in a zoning district where all requirements of the District Zoning Bylaw are met. A discretionary use is a use of land, building or other structure that may be permitted only at the discretion of Council. A discretionary use requires notification of adjacent landowners, circulation to P4G municipalities, and review by the P4G District Planning Commission (DPC). The DPC makes a recommendation on the proposed use to RM Council, who makes the final decision.

Is a development permit the same as a building permit?

No. Development permits approve the use of the land in conformance with the District Zoning Bylaw. A building permit approves the construction of the building on a site in conformance with the National Building Code, R.M. Building Bylaw and all other requirements of federal and provincial governments.

Will the zoning of my land change with the P4G District Zoning Bylaw?

Not necessarily. The names of the zoning districts may change as well as the names of some of the land uses that are permitted and discretionary in each district. Further, additional uses may have been added to the zoning district and others divided into multiple types to address differences in intensity of some uses such as home based businesses. However, for the most part, the purpose and list of land uses remain the same for your zoning district.

Can I change the zoning of my property to accommodate a use not in my current zoning district?

Once the P4G Planning District is in place, you can apply to rezone your property. The likelihood of successfully changing the zoning district of a site varies greatly. The primary considerations are the compatibility of the proposed rezoning with the principles, objectives and policies of the P4G District Official Community Plan and any other detailed planning for the lands ie. Concept Plan. Prior to submitting an application to rezone, it is recommended that the applicant review their plans with planning staff at Corman Park.

I want to subdivide my country residential lot. Does the new bylaw allow for the subdivision of lots within a country residential subdivision or hamlet?

Section 3.24 of the draft bylaw enables subdivision of existing country residential and hamlet that meet certain criteria, mostly related to the existing parcel size, to ensure the new lots are consistent with the surrounding lot sizes.

Our hamlet wants to allow for the comprehensive re-subdivision of all lots within the community to smaller sizes. Does the new zoning bylaw support this?

No. However, support for the comprehensive re-subdivision of multi-parcel country residential developments and hamlets has been identified as a future amendment to the District Official Community Plan once the P4G Planning District has been approved by the Province. The policy amendment would allow Council to consider proposals that undertake the necessary studies to determine the capacity of municipal and provincial infrastructure to support an overall density increase, including required upgrades, and enable consultation with other affected property owners.

The development on my land doesn’t meet the new District Zoning Bylaw. Will I have to remove it?

Some developments and uses may exist on a site before the P4G District Zoning Bylaw is adopted. Although they may not meet the bylaw, they will be allowed to remain as ‘legal non-conforming uses’ (sometimes referred to as a ‘grandfather’ clause) which means the development or uses can continue as originally approved, however, they may not be changed or repurposed without complying with the new bylaw.

Will the P4G District Zoning Bylaw result in higher taxes? 

No. Changes to taxes are not triggered by the new P4G District Zoning Bylaw.

How can I provide feedback on the proposed P4G District Zoning Bylaw?

Click on this link to the P4G District Zoning Bylaw webpage where you will find a link to the draft bylaw and ways to provide feedback.

I have more questions, who can I contact? 

Feel free to contact Neal Sarnecki, P4G Director at nsarnecki@partnershipforgrowth.ca or give him a call at 306-222-9420.