District Zoning Bylaw given First Reading by Corman Park Council

On June 14, 2021, the Council of the Rural Municipality of Corman Park gave first reading to Bylaw 35/21 “The Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth Planning District Zoning Bylaw, 2021”. First reading was approved unanimously and a public hearing was scheduled for August 16, 2021. The public notice and draft bylaw can be found on the RM of Corman Park website here. Landowners and rightsholders within the proposed P4G Planning District boundaries will be sent a written notice of the public hearing.

After adoption of the bylaw by Corman Park, the District Zoning Bylaw, District Official Community Plan and Planning District Agreement will be forwarded to the Province for final approval and establishment of the P4G Planning District.

If you have any questions regarding the draft bylaw or the P4G Planning District, please contact the RM of Corman Park, via email @ planning@rmcormanpark.ca, or phone 306-242-9303..