Draft Regional Plan and Associated Documents

The draft Regional Plan and associated documents include the following:

Draft P4G Regional Plan. The Regional Plan is a “district plan” required under the provincial Planning and Development Act. This will be a high-level plan that provides general guidance for land use, development, infrastructure, servicing, and governance in the P4G Region.

P4G Regional Plan (PDF)

P4G Regional Plan (HTML)

P4G Draft Regional Land Use Map


P4G Regional Servicing Strategy. The Regional Servicing Strategy provides recommendations to the P4G member municipalities for strategic investments in regional infrastructure development and service delivery. As the development identified in Land Use Concept takes place, capital investments and extensions of infrastructure will be required to support this growth.

P4G Regional Servicing Strategy (PDF)

P4G Regional Servicing Strategy (HTML)


P4G Regional Governance and Implementation Strategy. This document provides an outline for the next steps in governance and implementation for the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) Regional Plan. Although the Plan and associated materials provide a comprehensive description of policies and processes to be enacted regionally, P4G municipal partners will need to develop a complete system to guide development and cooperation.

P4G Regional Governance and Implementation Strategy (PDF)

P4G Regional Governance and Implementation Strategy (HTML)


Display Boards from the June 2017 Public Information Session

The display boards shown at the Public Information Session on June 27, 2017 are available here:

P4G Public Information Session Display Boards – June 2017 (PDF)


Comments and Questions?

Please send any comments or questions about the Regional Plan to nsarnecki@partnershipforgrowth.ca.