Agricultural Research

Land within the Agricultural Research category includes some of the best soils in the region and the area is the site of a number of agriculture research plots and facilities. These lands are important to the region’s economy and identity, and research activities on these sites should be supported by mitigating potential land use conflicts


15-1         Support regional agriculture and farming through special use areas that provide opportunities for research

15-2         Prevent conflicts between long-term agricultural research areas and surrounding urban and rural land uses


15.01       Intended Uses of Agricultural Research Lands. Intended uses on lands designated as Agricultural Research include farming and associated research, as well as other related agricultural uses.

15.02       Restricted Development. Designated Agricultural Research areas shall be protected from uses and development incompatible with long-term agricultural activities. Dwellings that are accessory to the agricultural uses on a site may be allowed.

15.03       Redesignation of Agricultural Research Lands. The redesignation of Agricultural Research Areas to other uses shall require the development of a Concept Plan to outline proposed changes to land uses. This Concept Plan shall include the rationale for converting these areas from long-term agricultural research use, and compatibility with adjacent urban areas.

15.04       Adjacent Development. Proposed development in locations adjacent to Agricultural Research should be reviewed in consultation with the relevant research agency or business to ensure that impacts are sufficiently mitigated through separation, buffers, or site design.