Corman Park–Osler Agri-Food Node

The Corman Park-Osler Agri-Food Node is envisioned as a joint policy area between the RM and Town. Portions of these lands are intended to transition into a future town centre with complementary amenities. The initial vision is to support small scale, basic food/artisan production, sales and living, which would evolve into more intensified facilities. There is also a concentration of other producers and artisans in the rural areas that could be part of the Node and would contribute to local and regional economies. Increasing the amount of food produced, marketed, and consumed locally food is an important goal for the Town into the future.

Corman Park and Osler want to explore the coordination of land uses and servicing in this area to promote diversification of land use activity while maintaining positive intermunicipal relationships and shared environmental values, resource capabilities, and community goals.


17-1         Support local food production and value-added agricultural activities to provide opportunities for economic development

17-2         Provide for joint planning between the Town of Osler and the RM of Corman Park to encourage development compatible with food and agricultural activities

17-3         Coordinate extensions of urban infrastructure to support value-added food and agriculture industries


17.01       Intermunicipal Support for Value-Added Agriculture. The Agri-Food Node may be established by agreements between the RM and the Town of Osler in the general area specified on the Regional Land Use Map, where urban servicing can support local food production and value-added agricultural industries in a rural setting. The focus of the Node will initially be on supporting small-scale artisanal production and sales with compatible residential uses that will intensify over time.

17.02       Support for Food Systems. The RM and the Town of Osler shall encourage value-added production and delivery activities in the Corman Park-Osler Agri-Food Node that support local agricultural producers while minimizing land use conflicts.

17.03       Joint Concept Plan. A Concept Plan may be developed for the Corman Park-Osler Agri-Food Node jointly by the Town of Osler and the RM. In addition to the requirements included in this Plan, this Concept Plan shall include information on:

  1. shared economic development policies,
  2. defined recreation/amenity areas,
  3. intermunicipal servicing requirements,
  4. special land use policies,
  5. compatibility with urban development, and
  6. shared development standards to support transitional, small-scale rural residential and value-added agricultural uses.

17.04       Future Urban Growth. The Corman Park-Osler Agri-Food Node shall be planned to allow for interim agricultural, commercial, and residential uses compatible with the surrounding rural-urban areas. These uses shall be coordinated to allow future redevelopment and intensification of the area.

17.05       Distinctive Development Style. The Regional Zoning Bylaw shall provide development standards that promote an attractive visual and aesthetic style for the Corman Park-Osler Agri-Food Node, including architectural detail, visual enhancement, consistent design themes, and signage that supports place-making and distinctive branding for the area.

17.06       Promotion of Economic Development and Tourism. The RM and the Town of Osler shall collaborate between each other and with other agencies to promote awareness of the cultural, historical, and tourism resources located in the Corman Park-Osler Agri-Food Node, and coordinate economic development planning to support activities within the Node.