Development Levies and Servicing Agreement Fees

Development levies and servicing agreement fees provide a mechanism to provide funding for capital projects to service new development. For the Region, there is a need both to coordinate how levies and fees are managed by municipalities to support future growth identified in this Plan, and to provide options for a future regional levy/lee structure to fund regional infrastructure projects.


28-1         Provide for consistent and predictable development levies and servicing agreement fees across the Region

28-2         Support funding and development solutions that provide for required intermunicipal infrastructure extensions and servicing


28.01       Calculation of Fees and Levies. Municipalities should work to standardize the approaches used to calculate development levies and servicing agreement fees, and share information on levy and fee calculations.

28.02       Regional Fees and Levies. P4G should establish regional development levies and servicing agreement fees for the purpose of recovering all or a part of the capital costs of providing, altering, expanding or upgrading regional services and facilities associated with a proposed subdivision or development. This shall be done in accordance with the requirements of the Act.