Economic Development

The strong and vibrant economy of the P4G Region has been a key driver of economic prosperity in Saskatchewan, and the area is a centre for much of the economic activity in the broader region. A regional approach to economic development, focusing on coordination between P4G members, rather than competition, will ensure the region supports current activities and can respond to future economic opportunities and trends. This is not intended to replace local economic development work as an economic development agency. Instead, the policies reinforce that land use and development are linked to economic development, and regional cooperation is necessary to achieve economic success.


2-1          Support and encourage regional economic prosperity and entrepreneurship.

2-2          Support initiatives to strengthen and diversify the regional economic base.

2-3          Support efforts by municipalities and economic development organizations in increasing economic opportunities in the Region.

2-4          Enhance regional competitiveness.


2.01         Regional Coordination of Economic Development Planning. Municipalities shall work to coordinate economic development planning with other affiliated municipalities and the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority.

2.02         Business Retention, Expansion and Attraction. Municipalities shall coordinate land use and development policies to attract, retain, and promote the growth of businesses beneficial for the Region.

2.03         Distribution of Employment. Municipalities shall support an equitable distribution of employment that reflects local community infrastructure and resources, and encourages job growth in all municipalities.

2.04         Agriculture in the Region. Municipalities shall support the farming and agricultural industry as an important component of the regional economy.

2.05         Value-Added Agricultural Development. Municipalities shall encourage the development of value-added businesses in rural areas to support economic growth, including Agri-Food Nodes.

2.06         Regional Tourism. Commercial tourism and related development shall be supported throughout the Region. This shall include opportunities for agritourism and regional recreation.