Future Transition to an Authority

It is recommended that the P4G initially be established as a Planning District. However, while this would build upon the existing Corman Park-Saskatoon Planning District, future implementation may require a greater role for the P4G.

A transition may be made over time to an incorporated District Planning Authority or Regional Planning Authority under the Act, and such an Authority would have the following abilities beyond a Planning District headed by a Commission, including:

  • direct approval authority for development under the Regional Plan;
  • corporate status to allow the district to own or lease assets, and enter contracts; and
  • the ability to provide public services to members and/or partners within the P4G District.


As the District expands and P4G becomes a key regional coordinating body, a transition to an Authority may be necessary to meet an expanded role in land use and infrastructure planning, service delivery, and financing and cost recovery.

The transition process to a P4G Authority may occur in the following cases:

  • Regular review of the Regional Plan. During regular reviews of the Regional Plan, ROC shall review the need for a P4G Authority under the proposed amendments, and provide a recommendation to all Councils as to whether an Authority should be created.
  • Review of the Planning and Development Act, 2007. When the Province conducts regular reviews of the Act, ROC shall evaluate relevant sections and provide a recommendation to Councils regarding whether an Authority should be created.
  • Needs for service delivery. Management of regional infrastructure and services may require P4G to take ownership of regional facilities, and coordinate the provision of services and funding for those services. P4G may also be required to enter into contracts to provide for service delivery. When ROC has received a report indicating a need for regional servicing suited to management by P4G, it may provide a recommendation to Councils that P4G should own and/or manage these facilities through the creation of an Authority.
  • Request from a Council. A Council or Councils may, at any time, request that P4G governance transition to an Authority model. This request and its rationale shall be reviewed by ROC, and a recommendation from ROC shall be provided to all Councils.


After receiving the recommendation of ROC, a Council may submit a proposed Regional Plan amendment to shift the governance of the P4G to an Authority model. This would follow the Plan amendment process as defined under the Governance Framework.