A coordinated approach to servicing and infrastructure can provide for more efficient delivery of high-quality services in the Region. Long-term planning provides greater certainty to support the expansion of regional infrastructure servicing, which can result in economies of scale for communities in the Region.

In this Plan, detailed policies regarding services and infrastructure include potable water, wastewater, transportation, and stormwater and drainage systems. It is expected that over the long term, P4G will explore the coordination of additional regional services and infrastructure.


21-1         Ensure infrastructure systems and servicing are consistent with Sector Plans, Concept Plans, and other detailed planning.

21-2         Guide growth and development in the Region to areas that support and facilitate efficient infrastructure that is economical and environmentally sustainable.

21-3         Plan and manage transportation and utilities systems for the Region in cooperation with provincial government departments, First Nations, neighbouring municipalities, and other stakeholders.

21-4         Encourage innovative, safe, and efficient strategies for providing regional infrastructure and services that meet regulatory requirements, including roadways, sanitary sewage treatment, storm water management, water supply, and other systems.


21.01       Regional Servicing Plans. P4G should maintain regional servicing plans to identify the level of services required to accommodate land development as indicated on the Regional Land Use Map. Extensions of urban infrastructure into future urban growth areas shall be generally accommodated and phased according to these plans.

21.02       Coordination of Development and Infrastructure Planning. Subdivisions and developments shall be designed and constructed to respect the planned extensions of infrastructure as detailed in Concept Plans and regional servicing plans.

21.03       Services Provided at Developer Expense. The proponent will be responsible for all costs associated with providing the infrastructure and services required for a development, and the municipality may require a servicing agreement to address these costs.

21.04       Municipal Infrastructure Coordination. Municipal infrastructure plans shall be coordinated to align with the Regional Servicing Strategy and regional servicing plans where possible.