Infrastructure Corridors

Infrastructure corridors can be a critical component for coordinating regional-scale services. By co-locating multiple types of public and private utilities within the same linear alignment, the costs of land acquisition and the potential conflicts with surrounding land uses can be minimized. This effort requires coordination with multiple stakeholders, including the province and regional service providers, and involves long-term planning at larger scales.


26-1         Plan for the use of rights-of-way by multiple linear infrastructure systems to reduce costs of planning, land acquisition, and construction

26-2         Coordinate with the province to utilize highways as major infrastructure corridors where feasible

26-3         Coordinate with regional service providers to identify and use corridors for linear infrastructure


26.01       Consideration of Regional Corridors in Planning. P4G shall consider opportunities for regional corridors and support the use of corridors for locating infrastructure where feasible.

26.02       Co-Location of Infrastructure in the Green Network Study Area. Linear infrastructure within the Green Network Study Area shall co-locate with other linear infrastructure where such siting is feasible and will reduce disturbance.