This document provides an outline for the next steps in governance and implementation for the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) Regional Plan. Although the Plan and associated materials provide a comprehensive description of policies and processes to be enacted regionally, P4G municipal partners will need to develop a complete system to guide development and cooperation.

In this document, the implementation process and relevant content areas are outlined, including:

  • The plans, bylaws, and other documents necessary to implement P4G as a coordinating regional body;
  • governance framework to be used for the Region, including the major participants and processes used to manage the Region;
  • Future studies necessary to implement specific elements of the Plan, based on more detailed information and analysis;
  • Reporting processes to provide transparency about Plan progress and alignment between the Regional Plan and municipal planning;
  • Funding strategies to explore for future initiatives; and
  • A general timeline and workplan for developing supporting materials and implementing the Regional Plan.