Mineral and Aggregate Resources

Mineral and aggregate resource industries provide significant economic benefits to the Region. The sustainable management of these industries must include long-term planning that considers how mineral and aggregate resource industries interact with other types of development. The benefit provided by these industries should be balanced with the need to minimize impacts to communities and the environment.


19-1         Promote the sustainable development of mineral and aggregate resource industries to support the local economy

19-2         Minimize land use conflicts and community disruption that may be caused by mineral and aggregate resource industries


19.01       Extraction Prior to Land Development. Municipalities shall encourage the extraction of significant commercial mineral and aggregate resources prior to planned development that would preclude or constrain future extraction of the resource.

19.02       Criteria for Mineral and Aggregate Resource Industries. In reviewing applications for mineral and aggregate resource industries, the following matters should be considered by the municipality:

a.   the effect on adjacent land uses due to conflicts with noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odour, or potential environmental contamination;

b.   minimizing the effect of the use on infrastructure and services, including but not limited to municipal roads;

c.   the manner in which the pit, quarry or storage site is to be operated;

d.   potential impacts to surface water, groundwater, drainage patterns, slope stability, wildlife habitat, heritage resources and rare or endangered species;

e.   the environmental implications of the operation including storage of fuel tanks or chemicals, and/or measures for the release of contaminants;

f.    plans for reclamation of the land for an approved end use; and

g.   in future urban growth areas, the adjacent urban municipality confirms the proposal is compatible with the location and timing of urban development.

19.03       Aesthetic and Environmental Impacts. Mineral and aggregate resource industries should not be located where they would adversely impact aesthetic or environmental quality.

19.04       Separation Distances for Aggregate Resource Industries. New aggregate resource industries shall not be located within:

a.   305 m (1000 ft.) of an existing or approved country residential subdivision, vacant agricultural subdivision, recreational development, or Wanuskewin Heritage Park; or

b.   150 m (492 ft.) of any other existing or approved residence not associated with the operation

Separation distances shall be measured according to Policy 7.05.

19.05       Separation Distances from Aggregate Resource Industries. No country residential subdivision, vacant agricultural residential subdivision, agricultural residential development, or recreational development shall be located within the separation distances indicated in Policy 19.04. Separation distances shall be measured according to Policy 7.05.