Natural and Heritage Resources

The P4G Region includes significant natural and heritage resources that are valued and enjoyed by both residents and visitors. These resources include elements of the natural environment, such as significant species and habitats, as well as human-created features, such as heritage buildings and cultural sites. Natural and heritage resources create a sense of place and tell the story of the Region’s history and its people. The P4G recognizes that strategies are needed to identify, protect, and enhance these resources so they can be enjoyed today and by future generations.


4-1          Conserve and enhance the Region’s natural systems and biodiversity

4-2          Encourage the protection and conservation of heritage properties in the Region, including sensitive buildings, structures, and lands

4-3          Promote awareness of the natural and heritage resources and visual amenities in the Region to both residents and visitors


4.01         Identification of Significant Natural and Heritage Resources. Where a natural or heritage resource is deemed significant to a municipality or any provincial or federal government department or agency, the municipality will encourage the designation of such resources for conservation and management through an evaluation process that reflects criteria identified by provincial and federal departments and agencies and The Standards & Guidelines for The Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.

4.02         Regional Natural and Heritage Resource Inventories. P4G should develop a regional inventory for natural and heritage resources.

4.03         Development of a Regional Natural Areas Strategy. P4G should develop a Regional Natural Areas Strategy to help to maintain and enhance natural features of the Region. The Strategy should include coordination with public and private agencies regarding the identification, protection, and rehabilitation of natural areas, and the development of natural and naturalized corridors for species movement.

4.04         Habitat Conservation Encouraged. The conservation, enhancement, and restoration of habitats for Species at Risk under The Wildlife Act, 1998 shall be encouraged through development reviews, conservation initiatives, and cooperation with landowners.

4.05         Consideration of Impacts to Natural and Heritage Resources. Subdivisions and development shall be designed and constructed to ensure that alterations to the landscape or other natural conditions avoid or mitigate on- and off-site impacts to natural and heritage resources.

4.06         Integration of Natural Features. Development should integrate and complement natural features and landscapes including the incorporation of natural vegetation and conserved wetlands.

4.07         Reuse of Municipal Heritage Properties. The adaptive re-use of designated Municipal Heritage Properties shall be encouraged where appropriate.

4.08         Coordination with the Province. Efforts in protecting, conserving, and restoring natural and heritage resources shall be coordinated with the Province.