Potable Water

Available supplies of potable water are an important component in supporting regional growth. In the P4G Region, the City of Saskatoon provides potable water supplies, and SaskWater and other third-party providers manage delivery to other municipalities and rural customers. Regional coordination is necessary to ensure that regional potable water treatment capacity and the potable water distribution system are developed in an efficient way and support overall development goals, and that sources of potable water are protected from risks to water quality and availability.


22-1         Provide safe, clean drinking water for residents and businesses in the Region

22-2         Coordinate the orderly development of potable water infrastructure to support regional and local land use policies

22-3         Minimize potable water infrastructure costs through coordination between municipalities

22-4         Support water providers in securing emergency water supplies for the Region

22-5         Promote the efficient use of potable water across the Region


22.01       Regional Potable Water Servicing Plan. A Regional Potable Water Servicing Plan should be developed to coordinate actions by P4G regarding potable water systems in the Region. This plan should be supported by ongoing consultation with regional potable water providers and distributors.

22.02       Coordination with Regional Providers. P4G shall engage with regional potable water providers to coordinate future infrastructure planning and promote capital investments in potable water infrastructure that align with the goals of the Regional Plan.

22.03       Centralized Potable Water Lines for Country Residential Subdivisions. All new Country Residential subdivisions shall be serviced by a centralized potable waterline administrated in a legal form acceptable to the RM.

22.04       Connections to Municipal Potable Waterlines. Applications to connect to municipal potable waterlines shall be in accordance with policies, bylaws, and agreements established by the relevant municipality.

22.05       Innovation in Water Conservation. P4G shall support efforts to promote innovative water conservation strategies to reduce per capita demands for water.

22.06       Development of Emergency Water Supplies. P4G shall support regional water providers in securing options for emergency supplies in the case of contamination or severe shortages.