Recreation opportunities are essential for a high quality of life in the Region. The Region includes many valued recreational resources, including the South Saskatchewan River Valley and important natural areas. Coordinating the development of regional and local recreational opportunities can help to build a connected system that provides a range of high-quality experiences for residents and visitors while complementing communities and natural areas.


18-1         Accommodate passive and active recreational opportunities in the Region

18-2         Encourage the development of a connected open space system that links regional and local parks, corridors, and facilities

18-3         Acknowledge the potential for recreational development in the South Saskatchewan River Valley

18-4         Ensure recreation development is located and designed to conserve and complement natural areas and contributes to a high quality built and natural environment

18-5         Provide recreational opportunities for the enjoyment, health, and well-being of the residents of the Region


Regional Coordination of Recreation

18.01       Trail Systems and Pedestrian Linkages Encouraged. Municipal reserve dedication should consider areas that support regional open space recreational opportunities, the development of integrated regional trail systems, including connections to the Trans Canada Trail, and continuous pedestrian linkages.

18.02       Partnership Agreements for Recreation. Partnership agreements may be considered between municipalities, and with other groups including First Nations, Aboriginal organizations, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, the Meewasin Valley Authority, and local community organizations to jointly develop and support recreational amenities.

18.03       Recreation along South Saskatchewan River. Development of recreational open space along the South Saskatchewan River shall be undertaken in a manner that enhances and complements the natural and heritage features of the river valley, subject to the policies of this Plan, and coordination with the Meewasin Valley Authority, where appropriate.

Recreational Development

18.04       Comprehensive Development Review. A Comprehensive Development Review shall be required prior to rezoning or subdividing land in the RM for new recreational development, except in cases where a Concept Plan would be required under Policy 30.11.

18.05       Integrated Recreational and Residential Development. Integrated recreational development shall be considered adjacent to or within the boundaries of a multi-parcel country residential subdivision where it is complementary to the existing community, subject to:

a.   significant public consultation,

b.   submission of a Comprehensive Development Review, and

c.   rezoning to an appropriate district.

18.06       Compliance with Commercial Policies. Commercial recreational developments shall also comply with the commercial objectives and policies contained herein.

18.07       Emergency Services. Recreational development shall be located and designed in a manner which allows for adequate provision of emergency services.