Reporting Processes

Ensuring that the implementation steps of the Plan are transparent and open to all members and the wider public is essential for long-term success of the Region. Integral to this process is maintaining a systematic approach to reporting key elements of implementation to the P4G, key rightsholders and stakeholders, and the public.

The P4G should coordinate regular engagement and public relations activities, both to provide regular updates on the implementation of the Regional Plan, and to manage outreach for individual projects and initiatives. These outreach efforts should be coordinated using methods appropriate to the nature of the engagement.

Regular reporting on the progress of implementing the Regional Plan should be provided through two main avenues: Regional Alignment Statements by municipalities, and Annual Reports to municipal Councils.

Regional Alignment Statements

Regional Alignment Statements, included in the Regional Plan under Policy 30.31, are intended to demonstrate how the plans and policies of individual municipalities align, link, and complement the objectives and policies in the Regional Plan. Overall, these Statements are not intended to provide an exhaustive analysis of municipal planning, but instead to demonstrate that the Regional Plan is being considered and supported on an ongoing basis by each member.

To support the Regional Plan, full Regional Alignment Statements should be included as a supplement to new and existing municipal Official Community Plans. These short, concise Statements should outline that the policies included in the municipal OCPs do not conflict with the Regional Plan. If a conflict is identified in the process of developing a Statement, the municipality shall work with P4G to determine the extent of the conflict and necessary actions to address the issue.

In addition to the full Statements, other plans and policy documents that would be impacted by the policies of the Regional Plan should provide brief Alignment Statements as part of their text. These short statements should indicate that that the plan or policies have been reviewed to confirm that they align with the policies of the Regional Plan.

Annual Reports to Councils

To ensure there is regular reporting to the municipalities regarding the progress and achievements of P4G, an annual report should be provided to all Councils. This Report should include summary information from the Regional Alignment Statements, additional details about coordinating mid and long-term implementation of the Plan, and further information about ongoing projects and initiatives, as required. The focus of these reports should be the implications of Regional activities for the municipalities, and outcomes from Regional efforts that can be highlighted as benefits for each community. The reports should be accompanied by the Annual P4G Budgets, with supporting information as necessary to link relevant sections of the Budget to specific Regional initiatives and programs.