Servicing Agreements

Servicing agreements provide municipalities with a clear understanding of how certain infrastructure will be provided to support new development. From a regional perspective, this is important as there may be a need for the intermunicipal provision of services, typically from an urban municipality. Coordination of these agreements at a regional level can allow for consistency and predictability in the availability of urban services to support development.


27-1         Support servicing agreements between municipalities to allow for efficient local coordination of infrastructure

27-2         Support funding and development solutions that provide for required intermunicipal infrastructure extensions and servicing


27.01       Servicing Agreements Required. If there is a proposed subdivision of land, the affected municipality may require a developer to enter into a servicing agreement in accordance with the Act to provide services, infrastructure and facilities that directly or indirectly serve the subdivision.

27.02       Intermunicipal Agreements. Intermunicipal servicing agreements and/or intermunicipal development agreements shall be required in situations where urban servicing is being provided between municipalities. These Agreements shall be administered between the receiving municipality and providing municipality in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

27.03       Intermunicipal Agreements for Interim Development in Future Urban Growth Areas.Intermunicipal agreements developed for interim development in Urban Commercial/Industrial areas shall include, to the satisfaction of the RM and adjacent urban municipality, consideration for future cost recovery for urban infrastructure. The level of detail provided in the agreement shall take into consideration:

a.   Current land uses and/or current allowable parcel sizes;

b.   Future land uses and/or future allowable parcel sizes;

c.   Expected timing of boundary alteration and urban development; and

d.   Relevant infrastructure and servicing planning

27.04       Intermunicipal Agreements and Boundary Alterations. Intermunicipal agreements developed for interim development in Urban Commercial/Industrial areas shall address the timing and conditions for future boundary alterations, including general provisions for tax loss compensation.