Wanuskewin Heritage Park

The Wanuskewin Heritage Park, designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1986, contains archaeological features that represent most of the known elements that characterize Northern Plains prehistory. According to its mission and vision, the park and its facilities are intended to advance the understanding and appreciation of the evolving cultures of the Northern Plains Indigenous peoples, and be a living reminder of the peoples’ sacred relationship with the land. Wanuskewin Heritage Park is also pursuing United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designation as a World Heritage Site.


14-1         In cooperation with the Wanuskewin Heritage Park Authority, protect the natural, historic, and cultural resources of Wanuskewin Heritage Park.

14-2         Maintain the quality of the viewshed from Wanuskewin Heritage Park

14-3         Ensure that municipal and regional plans and policies consider and complement planning for Wanuskewin Heritage Park


14.01       Dialogue with Wanuskewin Heritage Park. P4G and municipalities shall conduct and encourage dialogue with the Wanuskewin Heritage Park Authority regarding applications, plans, and policies that may impact the Park.

14.02       Viewshed Protection. P4G shall coordinate with the Wanuskewin Heritage Park Authority to identify and protect important viewsheds from the Park.

14.03       Support for Park Planning. P4G should coordinate with ongoing efforts by the Wanuskewin Heritage Park Authority to develop plans for site management and facility improvements, natural resource management, and cultural and heritage conservation through joint planning and technical support.