Wastewater collection and treatment in the P4G Region are managed either by centralized systems or on-site treatment options. Safe and effective wastewater infrastructure development and service provision are essential not only to support growth, but also to address potential impacts to human and environmental health.


23-1         Provide regional approaches to wastewater collection and treatment that protect human health and the natural environment

23-2         Coordinate the planning of wastewater infrastructure to support efficient patterns of regional development

23-3         Minimize wastewater infrastructure costs through coordination between municipalities

23-4         Support the planning and development of a second wastewater treatment plant to provide for regional needs

23-5         Promote measures to reduce wastewater production rates per capita across the Region and extend the capacity of infrastructure


23.01       Regional Wastewater Servicing Plan. A Regional Wastewater Servicing Plan should be developed to coordinate actions by P4G regarding regional wastewater systems. This plan should be supported by ongoing efforts to define required infrastructure and facilities, potential alternatives, and costing implications.

23.02       Connection of Drains Prohibited. Municipalities should prohibit the connection of new storm and foundation drains into the wastewater collection system, to reduce wet-weather flows and minimize required capacity.

23.03       Reduce Groundwater Infiltration. Municipalities should work to inspect sewer systems and conduct repairs to mitigate infiltration and inflow, and reduce wet-weather flows.

23.04       Rural On-Site Wastewater Disposal. Rural development shall meet or exceed the on-site sewage treatment requirements provided by the Saskatoon District Health Region within the Review Process for Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems for Developments and Subdivisions.

23.05       Septic Utilities. As a condition of approval of a multi-parcel country residential, commercial, or industrial subdivision, Council may in accordance with a septic utility bylaw adopted pursuant to The Municipalities Act, require the developer to create and administer a private on-site septic utility to monitor the ongoing operation and maintenance of an on-site wastewater system.

23.06       Wastewater Flow Management. P4G shall support municipal water conservation initiatives to reduce average and peak wastewater flows, and extend wastewater system capacities.

23.07       Innovation in Septic Treatment Encouraged. P4G should encourage the use of innovative and safe sewage treatment technologies for on-site and municipal treatment that meet regulatory requirements.