The P4G vision:

Our vision for the future is a vibrant, prosperous, and internationally competitive region. The municipalities are known for a high quality of life; a thriving and diverse economy; healthy and connected ecosystems; and efficient infrastructure supporting sustainable growth and development.

The P4G municipalities provide a rich range of opportunities and lifestyle choices for residents and newcomers. The aesthetic beauty and ecological values of the South Saskatchewan River and prairie landscapes are key components to our quality of life in the region.

The P4G municipalities work in partnership on issues of common interest through integrated, coordinated efforts that support success while respecting the individual aspirations of all partners.

Six overarching principles were created and included in the P4G District Official Community Plan to achieve the vision for the P4G.

Each principle is vital to the region’s success and will be pursued in an integrated manner to meet the objectives of the annual work plans and overall region vision.